Volunteering in Connecticut


The benefits of receiving the hard work of a volunteer organization can sometimes be obvious. But a benefit that is not so obvious is the feeling that there are people who do care and are willing to help. When you find yourself in a desperate situation, it can sometimes feel as though you are all alone and there is nowhere to turn. When you turn to a volunteer organization and get results, it can help restore your faith in people and give you a reason to believe that everything will work out.

There are numerous volunteering opportunities available. We have listed just a few of the many worthy causes looking for volunteers in the Connecticut area:

Orange Volunteer Fire Assoc

Address :

355 Boston Post Rd




Tel: 203-891-1052
Fax: 203-891-1054
Web: http://www.orangevfd.com

About Orange Volunteer Fire Assoc

Orange Volunteer Fire Assoc is one of the Fire Departments based in Orange, Connecticut. Call Orange Volunteer Fire Assoc on 203-891-1052 for further information.

A small percentage of the tax dollars goes towards Fire protection. The majority of our operating and capital funds is earned during our annual carnival held always during the first weekend in August. The success of the carnival allows us the ability to purchase the apparatus and equipment the membership feels will best serve the community.

Volunteer Center

Address :

54 Main St # 3




Tel: 203-797-1154
Fax: 203-797-1194

About Volunteer Center

Volunteer Center is one of the Non-profit Organizations based in Danbury, Connecticut. Call Volunteer Center on 203-797-1154 for further information.

Volunteer Center of SW

Address :

PO Box 833

New Canaan



Tel: 203-966-5359

About Volunteer Center of SW

Volunteer Center of SW is one of the Social Services & Welfare Organizations based in New Canaan, Connecticut. Call Volunteer Center of SW on 203-966-5359 for further information.

School Volunteer Association

Address :

280 Tesiny Ave




Tel: 203-371-4617
Fax: 203-372-7214

About School Volunteer Association

School Volunteer Assn are one of the Associations based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Call School Volunteer Assn on 203-371-4617 for further information.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Address :

98 S Main St




Tel: 203-899-2442
Fax: 203-899-2430

About Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Retired Senior Volunteer Program is one of the Non-profit Organizations based in Norwalk, Connecticut. Call Retired Senior Volunteer Program on 203-899-2442 for further information.

Glennville Volunteer Co

Address :

266 Glenville Rd




Tel: 203-532-9606

About Glennville Volunteer Co

Glennville Volunteer Co is one of the Social Services & Welfare Organizations based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Call Glennville Volunteer Co on 203-532-9606 for further information.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregiver

Address :

183 Howe Ave




Tel: 203-922-1201
Fax: 203-922-1201

About Interfaith Volunteer Caregiver

Interfaith Volunteer Caregiver is one of the Non-profit Organizations based in Shelton, Connecticut. Call Interfaith Volunteer Caregiver on 203-922-1201 for further information.

Chapman School Volunteer Program

Address :

38 Country Club Rd




Tel: 203-271-0714

About Chapman School Volunteer Program

Chapman School Volunteer Program is one of the Social Services & Welfare Organizations based in Cheshire, Connecticut. Call Chapman School Volunteer Program on 203-271-0714 for further information.

Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance

Address :

P.O. Box 6066




Tel: 203-879-4122

About Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance

Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance is one of the Fire Departments based in Wolcott, Connecticut. Call Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance on 203-879-4122 for further information.

Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Address :

191 Main St




Tel: 860-589-2313

About Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Volunteer Ambulance Corps are one of the City Government Executive Offices based in Terryville, Connecticut. Call Volunteer Ambulance Corps on 860-589-2313 for further information.

Georgetown Volunteer Fire Co

Address :

P.O. Box 544




Tel: 203-544-8800

About Georgetown Volunteer Fire Co

Georgetown Volunteer Fire Co is one of the Fire Departments based in Georgetown, Connecticut. Call Georgetown Volunteer Fire Co on 203-544-8800 for further information.

Literary Volunteers of Central CT

Address :

20 High Street

New Britain



Tel: 860-229-7323

About Literary Volunteers of Central CT

Each year we provide small group and one-on-one literacy tutoring to over 400 adults. They provide flexible hours, individual attention, student centered learning, and high quality, caring volunteer tutors as well as free, high quality training to adults who would like to become Literacy Volunteers.

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