Volunteering in Pennsylvania


Volunteer organizations are always in need of a broad range of people to fulfill a variety of positions. If you are out of work, then volunteering is a great way to add new skills to your resume, or keep your current skills updated. For example, an unemployed computer engineer can volunteer a few hours a week to work on a charitable organization's computer network and he will get the hands-on work he needs to keep himself employable. If you have always wanted to learn how to install a fence, then volunteering for a group that does community work is a way to learn that skill.

There are numerous volunteering opportunities available. We have listed just a few of the many worthy causes looking for volunteers in the State of Pennsylvania:

Volunteer Home Care

Address :

1 S Home Ave




Tel: 610-682-1412
Fax: 610-682-1597
Web: http://www.diakon.org

About Volunteer Home Care

Its name meaning "one assigned by the church to minister to the needs of others," Diakon was formed by the Jan. With its deepest roots originating in 1868, Diakon's history includes the legacy of service of such additional organizations as Lutheran Social Services of Maryland, Baltimore. Working in 50 service centers and senior living communities in the tri-state area, some 2,300 Diakon staff members bring hope, hospitality, and healing to thousands of people every day.

Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Co

Address :

5213 Brightwood Rd

Bethel Park



Tel: 412-835-1127
Web: http://www.bethelparkvfc.com

About Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Co

Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Co is one of the Fire Departments based in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. Call Bethel Park Volunteer Fire Co on 412-835-1127 for further information.

Volunteer Pilots Association

Address :

34 Casey Rd

Mc Donald



Tel: 724-356-4007
Fax: 724-356-4007
Web: http://www.volunteerpilots.org

About Volunteer Pilots Association

Volunteer Pilots Association are one of the Associations based in Mc Donald, Pennsylvania. Call Volunteer Pilots Assn on 724-356-4007 for further information.

The Volunteer Pilots Association (VPA) provides flights to people in need who must travel to receive necessary medical treatment.

Honesdale Volunteer Ambulance

Address :

Industrial Pt




Tel: 570-253-2911
Fax: 570-253-2917
Web: http://www.honesdaleems.com

About Honesdale Volunteer Ambulance

Honesdale Volunteer Ambulance is one of the Local Government Offices based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Call Honesdale Volunteer Ambulance on 570-253-2911 for further information.

We serve the area with both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) units. If you have a question that's not answered somewhere on the site, feel free to email us under the Contact Section. That way we can improve the content of our site.

Lower Chichester Volunteer

Address :

1540 Huddell Ave




Tel: 610-485-6839
Fax: 610-485-6839
Web: http://www.lcfd39.com

About Lower Chichester Volunteer

Lower Chichester Volunteer is one of the Fire Departments based in Linwood, Pennsylvania. Call Lower Chichester Volunteer on 610-485-6839 for further information.

Penn Township Volunteer Co

Address :

1750 Pine Rd




Tel: 717-486-5488

About Penn Township Volunteer Co

Penn Township Volunteer Co is one of the Local Government Offices based in Newville, Pennsylvania. Call Penn Township Volunteer Co on 717-486-5488 for further information.

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

Address :

349 W Baltimore Ave




Tel: 610-565-5563
Fax: 610-565-5176

About Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

Retired & Senior Volunteer Prg is one of the Residential Care Homes based in Media. For more information call them on 610-565-5563 or visit them at 349 W Baltimore Ave.

Regional Ombudsman Volunteer

Address :

555 Walnut St




Tel: 717-783-7247

About Regional Ombudsman Volunteer

Regional Ombudsman Volunteer is one of the Social Services & Welfare Organizations based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Call Regional Ombudsman Volunteer on 717-783-7247 for further information.

Sligo Volunteer Fire Co

Address :

Madisson St




Tel: 814-745-2691

About Sligo Volunteer Fire Co

Sligo Volunteer Fire Co is one of the Fire Departments based in Sligo, Pennsylvania. Call Sligo Volunteer Fire Co on 814-745-2691 for further information.

Duncansville Volunteer Ambulance

Address :

1414 Peach St




Tel: 814-696-6090
Fax: 814-696-3664

About Duncansville Volunteer Ambulance

Duncansville Volunteer Ambulance is one of the Local Government Offices based in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. Call Duncansville Volunteer Ambulance on 814-696-6090 for further information.

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