Volunteering in Hawaii


Volunteering is one of those wonderful things that has benefits for everyone involved. The volunteer, the organization and the beneficiary of the organizationís generosity all get to walk away with something positive. One of the benefits to the organization is that it gets to provide its service to needy individuals without having to worry about raising money to pay for employees. Volunteering allows charitable organizations to get down to doing the work that they want to do without having to first stop and worry about finances. It speeds up the organizationís ability to make a positive impact in the local community.

There are numerous volunteering opportunities available, we have listed just a few of the many worthy causes looking for volunteers in Hawaii.

Deep & Beyond

Address :

75-5851 Kuakini Hwy #49

Kailua Kona

HI 96740

Tel: 808-326-4400 Ext.4017
Web: http://deepandbeyond.org/

About Deep and Beyond

Deep & Beyond create opportunities for the disadvantaged and people with disabilities to experience freedom, explore nature and participate in adventure activities. They do snorkel days for people with disabilities where they are able to enter the ocean using our special adaptive equipment and are accompanied by experienced volunteers.

Volunteer Resource Center Hawaii

Address :

45-720 Keaahala Rd Rm 106





About Volunteer Resource Center Hawaii

Volunteer Resource Center Hawaii is one of the Organizations based in Kaneohe, HI. Call Volunteer Resource Center Hawaii on 808-236-2900 for further information.

Maui County Volunteer Centre

Address :

395 Waena St




Tel: 808-270-7150

About Maui County Volunteer Center

Maui County Volunteer Center is one of the Local Government Offices based in Wailuku, HI. Call Maui County Volunteer Center on 808-270-7150 for further information.

Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Address :

4444 Rice St # 105




Tel: 808-241-6411
Fax: 808-241-6409

About Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Retired Senior Volunteer Program is one of the Residential Care Homes based in Lihue. For more information call them on 808-241-6411 or visit them at 4444 Rice St # 105.

Volunteer Action Program

Address :

275 Uhu St




Tel: 808-270-7325

About Volunteer Action Program

Volunteer Action Program are situated in Kahului, Hawaii. For more information about the services Volunteer Action Program provide please call 808-270-7325.

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